The best of our Sunday

Family Sundays is what it's all about.

Come Saturday i'm literally craving for a family day. It's the only way i can describe it. Joe works saturdays and Harvey spends his day with his dad so Saturday evening i'm almost twitching in excitement.

And it is always so worth the wait...

How cute are those 2?

Some potion making went on... Proper wizard-stylee

First lot of PROPER berries out... Winter is coming!

Sundays are also about hearty meals. Mum rang me yesterday and asked we wanted for dinner at hers today, as a child i remember having turkey meat loaf and LOVING it.

   And it STILL tasted as good. Boys loved it too!!

Hope you all had a good family filled Sunday as well!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Sounds like a perfect sunday we love days like that x

  2. I love your Sunday walk shots. And I could smell the aroma of the Turkey meatloaf wafting off my screen (how did you do that?)

    You have a great looking family!

    1. Thanks very much!! :D Thats all my mums handy work in the kitchen - she rocks!

  3. Great post, sounds like a lovely day :)

  4. What an awesome day!

  5. Your little ones are adorable -- kudos to you and your hubby for taking them out to see and enjoy nature. xo

  6. our sundays are "family day" too...it's a little harder now though with my older 2 being able to join in but we still try! great pics!

  7. You guys are the best for commenting :D

  8. Gorgeous shots. I love Father and Son. Adorable!

  9. Looks like you had a great day! He looks just like his dad.


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