Silent vows you make before you have children...

We all do it..."I will NEVER leave my child over night until they are 18 years old..." "I will ALWAYS remember everything when i go out, including anti bac gel and a spare pair of clothes for spring/summer/aumtumn and winter"..

Obviously they are a tad extreme, but you get my jist.

We all make these silent vows, even if we don't know it. Some more realisitic than others. But how many of us break them?? I would say a good 95% of us!! They aren't necessarily what we think ALL parents should do, just us as individuals or as a couple. I never really wanted children, i was never that interested by them to be honest. But i was always first to judge other peoples parenting skills. And i'll be the first to admit that!!

3 children down the line i THINK i have a fairly good idea about this parenting malarky. What is the right way of dealing with situations and what is definitely the wrong way. (And let me tell you now, i have had quite a few of wrong ways.)

Drum roll please! Mine were -
  • I will never co sleep
  • I will NOT have a toddler with a dummy
  • I will never give in to "toddler pressure"
  • I will always take up the offer of second hand clothes and equipment
  • I will never have one of those children that scream in the supermarket



Moving on...

No really. They were honestly my silent vows. Hilarious, right!? Although, to give myself the benefit of the doubt, i haven't actually properly co slept. So i kept to 1 out of 5!! Wahoo!

Toddler pressure. That's definitely worse than peer pressure at school.. ya know... "Please go and flick ink on that kids pale blue shirt or you won't be my best friend and you are definitely not coming to my amazing birthday party that is a disco which was the same as last year" Vs. "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! MUMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!" okay okay you win, you all-screaming-red-faced-all-legsandarms-flailing-18-month-old-child.

I always thought "those parents" (me.) were terrible parents because their child would demolish a whole loaf of bread in the trolly, and scream when it all ran out and then demolish a whole bag of marshmallows whilst throwing chewed up left over bread at the old lady buying her weekly fix of worthers originals. THATS ME. That is ACTUALLY me. Can't believe it! I am ONE OF THOSE. Agh! Where did i all go wrong? (read above.)

I do try not to give in, and i would say 80% of the time i don't. But obviously the 20% of when i do is what they remember! Damn.

Its not that i think i'm a crap parent, i do think i do alright. They all sleep through, they tell me when they are upset, they all love me. So does it REALLY matter? Nah. Not at all. Those tantrums and soggy bread throwing is all part of it, right? In the non existant book of rules and guide to how to be a perfect parent, i reckon it says about all that for sure.

And obviously, this...

And this...

And this...


Are totally worth it. 


Come on... what were yours? I'd love to hear them (and laugh!) 
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  1. I said I would never yell at my child but always talk in a calm manner about why what they just did was wrong.

  2. Oh Geez! I have so many of these. -I will never take my child through a fast food drive thru. -I will never yell at my child. -I won't let my child watch ANY tv until they are an older toddler. -I won't let my child get the upper hand. -I will NEVER lose an argument with my child. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I was so naive.
    I love your blog. Your writing voice is really great and personable.

  3. What a lovely post! So personal and I love how funny you've made it! The photos are adorable. Unfortunately I can't contribute as I don't have children but I loved to read this none the less!
    Great blog x

  4. I love this post! And your kiddos are so cute!!

    New follower from the Friends to Followers link-up!
    Leslie @ Sincerely, Leslie

  5. I had a list of these too--then life happened and I had to compromise a little. As long as we keep the big picture in sight, it will all turn out fine, right? :) I'm following from the blog hop--have a great week!

  6. I definitely gave my little girl a dummy and she sleeps with us every now and then. So two promises broken and a few more to go :)
    I like this post, thanks for sharing those cute pics.

  7. I think they were all on my list too! Haha. You do what works :-)

  8. Cute babies. As a teacher, I learned how to be mean before having my own kids. My kids were not allowed to scream without being taken outside, and we really did not give into toddler temper tantrums. If you're giving in to toddler tantrums, you're in trouble because teenage tantrums, with choppy logic being shot at you, can be even harder to deal with. Hang tough and show those kids that you are the boss! You'll be glad you did later on... of course, I'm old and probably don't remember what really happened in the late eighties and early nineties. ;) ;)


  9. This such a great post and what adorable little babies you have. I don't have kids myself. I think I"m much to selfish and scared that I might ruin them to even think about having kids! I found you trough Naptime Review's Operation Fabulous and I'm now following you through GFC!

  10. I caved on things with my second that I didn't on my first. I had babies 18 months apart- cosleeping with the second saved my life. haha. I did do it the safe way for the most part, with a sidecar for her on the bed. But I nursed her in bed in the middle of the night. I kick myself for not doing it with my first who (is still) a terrible sleeper. I would have been in a better more rested mood!

    I think you do just have unrealistic expectations of how much control you have over toddler meltdowns. You can react to them well, but you can't stop them from happening! Found you via operation fabulous!


  11. hysterical...and hysterical with ya sister!;-)

    Found you as part of the Operation Fabulous! Stop by and see me sometime;-)

    Heather P.
    Spunky Real Deals

  12. What a cute post :)
    And so true!!!!!

    julie @ Naptime Review

  13. I love your creative mothering lies. So happy you are following me. I am following you now. Did you know you are a no reply commentor? Do you know what that means?


    Look at this post and let me know if this makes sense. You need to change your setting and you will get many more comments.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you... No i had no idea!! I have looked but i think those screen shots were taken when it was the old layout on blogger. I just changed something on the email bit but i dont know if that is right!? Would love to know if i did it right!! :)

  14. New follower from Operation Fabulous! Love the blog!!


  15. Hi! Found you though the Getting to know you and love your blog! New Follower!! Can't wait for more!
    Helene in Between

  16. hehe I wrote a similar post a while back: http://daffoldilshope.blogspot.com/2012/08/lies-childless-kate-declared.html

    Your kids are so cute though and I look forward to reading more!

  17. OH Yep! I so was one of those parents...five boys later and its all different!
    Our oldest gets all of our parenting mistakes, and our youngest gets all of our parenting over the top relaxation, You'll be right mate, parenting style :)
    And our middle child....guess it gets everything rolled into one.
    Whatever works well is whatever I will stick to, even if it means giving in. As long as everyone is happy :)

  18. lol yes things change once you actually have the kids!

    I'm a new follower through the naptime review bloghop.

    Check me out if you want...I think you might like it :)
    Lindsay @ www.knowbetternow.blogspot.com


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