Tuesday 10

This weeks Tuesday 10 is 10 Pet Peeves.

10? Is that it? Hmmm.. this may take a while to narrow it all down ;)

1. When people make life harder for themselves. i.e. walking the wrong way around something and it takes twice as long

2. Cheap leggings and disgusting underwear. WRONG. Don't do it people.

3. Buy one get one free when you only need 1, but feel you HAVE to get both and then you have no use or room for it

4. Facebook status' clearly aimed at you or someone you know. Just say it!

5. When "cool" people listen to music through their mobile phone with no headphones so the whole of town can hear their crap music

6. Missed call from "unknown"

7. Odd numbers.

8. Shiny padded coats. Disgrace.

9. Jedward.

10. People who buy expensive cameras and claim they are amazing photographers.

Okay i'm done! Go link up over at Lena B, Actually and link your top 10 pet peeves up!


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