Tuesday 10 - Favourite e cards

Wahoo! I bloomin' love e cards, properly make me laugh! This weeks Tuesday 10 is favourite e cards, so here goes...

Me, every single day!

I'm sure this applies to 95% of women!

Too true...

Becuase this definitely applies to me...

Got to be a bit immature, right!?

For my pal, Farlie!

My last few favourites..



  1. Hahaha these were too funny!! The immature one made me laugh out loud. Nothing like a good laugh in the middle of street while everyone looks at you like your crazy ;)

    Stopping by from the Blog hop :) Love your blog *New Follower*

    1. Lol thats too funny! Glad they made you smile :)

      Thanks for stopping by and following, off to nosey at yours now and return the favour :)


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