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We have found over the past months and years that when we don't meal plan we buy a load of veg and meat that goes unused. We get rotting parsnips and arm-growing potatoes, and no one likes to see that!!

I hate trying to think of what to cook in the morning and i hate doing the same thing week in week out. So we decided to meal plan. Joe picks a few, i pick a few, and Harvey picks spaghetti bolognaise. We only buy what we need and we end up saving a small fortune. I also love knowing the weeks meals in advance and it's one less thing to think about in the morning rush.

So i thought i would share with you the past 10 days meals, for inspiration for anyone who is reading and if feedback is good i don't mind making it a weekly/fortnightly post :)

Chilli chips & cheese - I don't do it very spicey because of the boys but this is always a winner.

Toad in the hole - A great BLW meal, she looves yorkshire pudding!

Chicken curry - Again, mild but also a good BLW meal. Loaded spoons with rice is a big hit.

Pizza - Got to have a frozen meal somewhere!!

Macaroni cheese - Easy, and bloomin' tasty! Jazz it up a bit with bacon if you're feeling adventurous!

Pie and home made wedges - I normally make home made pie with the day befores gammon or something but bought pie is fiiine! Home made wedges are REALLY easy and scrummy. I don't even peel my potatoes, just them into wedges, splash of oil and herbs and in the oven for 40 minutes or so. Scrum!!

Baked salmon with new potatoes - M&S do a lush lemon and garlic marinade, smother a few salmon fillets and wrap them in a foil parcel. Oven for 20 minutes and YUM. I often to leeks in white sauce with it or it can be a bit dry

Roast chicken - Nothing else needs to be said!

I like to do a slow cooker meal once a fortnight (atleast), check out my pork recipe. DIVINE.

Joe likes to cook once a week too and his speciality is spaghetti brocolli bake. I'm not normally a "no meat" kinda girl but its delicious and i will put the recipe up in the next week!

Hope this has helped someone plan a few meals and please do comment if you liked!!



  1. I love that both you and your hubby are involved in the kitchen! That's how it is at my house and it makes for a happy marriage! :)

    By the way ~ Nominated you for the Liebster Award. It will post on my blog tomorrow at 7:30 am pacific.

    Hope you like it!


    Keep in mind ~ I'm not on blogger. Sorry about the no reply.

  2. Definitely - i think its good that the men get involved, and the kids!! I have always said i don't want my boys growing up not knowing how to cook for their wives!!

    Wow cool, thanks! I have no idea what that is but woop!! Lol!!



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