In a Pear Tree [Review]

When i was pregnant with Elsie i came accross a FB page called "In a Pear Tree" and instantly fell in love. Sassy, quirky and BEAUTIFUL cloth nappies. WHILST pregnant with a girl = dangerous.

Natalia is a mother of 2 daughters who lives and works in New Zealand (such a shame she's so far away!!).

Her website was being re-vamped when i was pregnant so i only went through her FB page, i caught site on my newsfeed of a quick sale coming up, see a nappy you like and when she said GO you had to comment on a picture of a nappy you wanted saying SOLD and it was yours! Simples!! We had planned a day out just the 4 of us and i was hitting f5 every 10 seconds, the boys were in the car waiting for me when i saw the word GO flash up!! I have never typed so fast in my life, and wahooo! I bought the nappy. Delivery didn't take that long and when it arrived i literally squealed with delight!!

I bought it in size M so it has only just started to fit properly, from 15lb my little tot fits it perfectly. And naturally i bought one in owl print in minky....

Plenty of fitting options with extra snaps (poppers) and the elastic around the back is perfect. Not too tight, not too loose. The stitching is exceptional for a WAHM, you wouldn't tell the difference between a factory made nappy and this one. Well.. you would... it's far better!!

 I ALSO have a rufflebum (not me personally..) which is the prettiest little thing i have ever seen in my life. I bought it in size S and it still just fits now...

Lace and floral print on popcorn minky fabric - can't get much more girly if you tried!!

She makes a load of other cute stuff too including bibs, wet bags, change mats and some mega adorable snuggle blankets. So go check her out, and you must must MUST buy a nappy because they are just far too perfect not to!!

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  1. Hi! I'm Roni from HomePayge:) I found you through Naptime Review where I am currently a sponsor this month also. I wanted to come say hello and follow you! Newest follower via GFC. And I love love love the ruffle bum:) Too cute!

    Hope to see you visit HomePayge and follow back!



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