Festive spirit..

.. Or lack of.

Its now the 20th November. This time last year i was ITCHING to get the decs down from the loft. I had done 80% of my shopping and i was SO SO in the mood for the big C day.

This year, it's just not happening. And i can't even put my finger on it. Don't get me wrong, i'm stoked for christmas! I can't WAIT for christmas eve and i can't WAIT for christmas day morning. But right now.. i'm quite happy with plodding along and forgetting about it.

I have been into town twice this month and both times i have been past the christmas stuff totally uninspired. Today i heard christmas songs for the first time and walked straight back out the shop. Joe on the other hand is desperate to get the decs out and tack the place out. Why am I not feeling it this year?? I have done hardly any shopping and have a list as tall as mount everest of things to do that are NOT being ticked off.

We've even done our christmas card photoshoot. Which, i will tell you now, was a disaster. Trying to get a 4 year old, a 2 year old and an 8 month old baby to all sit still, smile and look cute and innocent is actually IMPOSSIBLE. I don't care what anyone says, it's just not happenin'.

Anyway... I did get an extra cute one of Elsie on her own which we aren't using as it probably ticks off "favouritsm child" on the you-must-not-do-when-a-parent list. Sending out a family christmas card of just one of your children probably isn't a good idea.

Cute, right!?

So come on, tell me i'm not the only one not in the spirit of things?

Don't forget to link up your snaps of your little whipper snappers in our first of 6 weekly blog hops!!


  1. I photo-shopped 2 separate photos together for ours! Seriously you won't get one of them all looking good together, I couldn't even get 2!!
    Happy to show you if you like.

  2. Beautiful photo. Found you on ohsoamelia's blog. Now a new follower. :)


  3. That is a precious photo. Can they not do them individually and then photoshop them together? That is what my friends photographer did. Love your blog and would love you to peek at mine if you like. I found you via #12 I love my post bloghop. :-) Rose xxx

    1. I took this and my photoshop knowldge doesn't stretch far enough!! However the husbands probably does... its a case of can i be bothered to go through all of that again!!?? Hehe!
      Thanks for stopping by! :D

  4. Lol, it is so true!! Kids and pictures period! We did our first family shoot In years today. The first half hour was fabulous, then it all crashed and burned, complete with our giant dog running off to say hi to people walking by. Yeesh. That one is absolutely magical though! I'd just say to heck with it and use it :) found you through the I love my post hop. :) don't worry, the "sprit" will show up sooner or later!

  5. I had a year like that a couple of years ago it was child number 4's first christmas and I had found out that a big surprize number 5 was on the way and for the first time in my life I wasn't feeling it. Just fake it and you'll soon find you're not faking any more.

  6. I LOVE this picture! I was that way about Thanksgiving...I was just not in the mood and I thought I was going to be in that same funk for Christmas but...decorations went up yesterday and I am stoked!!!
    Probably because it is so infectious with Reagan understanding what is going on more!

    Thank you for co-hosting Raising Imperfection this week!


  7. What a precious picture! I'm a new follower from the raising imperfection blog hop.

  8. That is one beautiful photo! I am a little iffy on Christmas this year, I think I will be more into once I get our tree up.

    Thank you for co-hosting Raising Imperfection with us this week!

  9. My husband doesn't much like Christmas, so he's not in the spirit. I wanted to get the tree today but that's a no-go, lol.
    LUCKILY, the kids love it, so they're excited right along with me. :)

  10. If it's anything like some of the ones I've done in the past there should be a way to put multiple pictures on one card. My two children are three years apart and it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get them to both cooperate at the same time! :-D Beautiful picture!

    I was kind of a poo poo head about Christmas up until Saturday. We have no $$ to do anything this year and I was pretty bummed about it. Then I just decided that I was going to enjoy this season no matter what! Now I'm excited, at least about the non-money things-I even posted why I'm ready for the holidays today.

    Maybe you just need a little sprinkling of reindeer dust. Isn't that what makes them fly? I bet it works on the Christmas spirit too! ;-) I enjoyed your post!


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