I'm back, miss me?

Clearly not... LOL! My laptop is now fully charged, with a spanking new charger and i'm back in action!

Had some proper "down time" this week. (i totally love that phrase. note to self : must use that more often). The boys have all had horrible coughs and colds and just as they were getting over theirs, i get it too. Which was obviously BOUND to happen. So we have kept ourselves to ourselves this week, with the odd dog walk. The school run is my fresh air for the day and we have kept snug and warm inside enjoying each others company.

Joe has been working 6 day weeks and in a word, its been crap. We have ALL missed him terribley and i feel like we could really do with a day at home altogether. Hey.. whats that? Christmas is only 5 weeks and 6 days away and you have a list as long as your arm of things still to do? Yeah... i can kiss that day altogether goodbye. :(

A little re cap of our week..

My bestest friend came over for some fun, she went travelling for 16 months and is only back home for 3 months. She is back off to Canada for another YEAR (boooo!) at the end of this month so we have made the most of her time at home. Shrinking crisp packets was quite entertaining...

We now have a properly sitting girl! I feel like its taken foreveerr for her to get to this stage but we are here! She still has the odd wobble over but all the more happier for sitting, now if we could tackle the crawling we'll all be laughing...

You may have seen i did another photoshoot for my sister in law. Would love to hear your thoughts on them!

Oh, new hat.... Adorabubble.

Having a strop on.

DON'T FORGET!! There is still time to put in your entries to win a free ad space!! Go ooonnn... you know you want to! ;) I think i may end it this week rather than next week so i have time to chat to the winner before December starts! So get in QUICK!!

Thought of the day - Downtime is good. But ill downtime is not so fun when my house is a bombsite.

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