Sandwiches and highchairs

It has definitely been one of those days today. No, scrap that. One of those WEEKS.

You know when you have this tension and anger inside you you just cannot budge? That feeling of impending DOOM over you, and EVERYTHING is making it worse. Yeah, thats pretty much my week.

I always look forward to Thursdays as its catch up day with Mum. Even if its a quick cuppa for half hour. Its my weekly dose of Mum-Daughter time i just LOVE.

After spilling my heart out in the car to her on the way to T K Maxx (quite literally a blubbering mess), and E screaming the whole way round demanding my FULL attention which clearly i could not give whilst hunting for bargains, pushing a trolly and making sure Oliver doesn't put half of the shop in Mum's trolly.. We head to Sainsbury's café for a quick lunch.

We decide on sandwiches instead of hot meals as we walked in and headed for the big fridge to choose what we wanted. (I'm really grabbing your attention now, aren't i!?)

Most places now do kids lunch boxes, a healthy variety of a sandwich, piece of fruit and a few other little snacky bits. They are great for just grabbing and going and also great for when you have a demanding 2 year old who can't sit and wait for a hot meal to be cooked.

In this big fridge there was a very limited choice of "adult" sandwiches and toasties and next to those were about 20 at least green paper bags with Kids Lunchboxes plastered all over them. Wonderful, grabbed one of those and shoved it on our tray. Noticed it only had a drink in so i assumed you got the rest at the till.

£2.99 i thought wasn't tooo bad, it had an innocent smoothie juice in there which alone are fairly pricey. We got to the front of the cue and greeted by a not so smiley cashier.

"Sorry. You can't have the lunch packs as there are no sandwiches available"

So what are we supposed to feed our children then? Obviously there was a list of hot meals (which were more than likely microwaved.) but i don't want him to have a hot meal. We want to be quick, and just scoff a sandwich and go. And i also don't want to spend more money than i have to on something we don't even want.

ALSO. You are next to a SUPER MARKET and you don't have the stuff to make a CHILDS sandwich? And why display the bags, if they aren't available? The mind baffles...

After a lot of huffing and "well thats just ridiculous" comments from me, i go and check out the other sandwiches to get one of those instead. Ham and mustard or cheese and pickle. Neither of which i would expect a 2 year old to eat. A ham and cheese toastie it is. When i went back to the till another lady was infront of us. So we wait again...

"No sorry, we can't just do that."

Mums getting a tad hairy now..
"Well we will just pay a bit extra and have the other stuff that comes in a lunch pack"

"No. We can't just do that."


Then. THEN!! another member of staffs walks over and states that in actual fact the reason they can't offer the "adult" sandwiches for the same price is because of the SALT CONTENT. Salt content? IN A CHEESE SANDWICH? Is this woman for real? And who is she to say i can't give my child a bloody sandwich??! 

Anyway.. once she realises we are totally narked about the whole situation, she offers to carry our tray over to the table. The table which seats 2 adults. Fine, we'll just sit here. with 2 children as well as 2 adults.

"Right, we need 2 highchairs, i'll go grab one."

The lady looks around the café..

"Nope, sorry. None available. They are all being used"

ALL BEING USED. There were 2 children in the whole café and thats it. So a fairly big cafe, probably seated about 100 at least, only has 2 highchairs. Well thats just great.

She walked away without a care in the world, like we could sit 2 children (who were both being held, not like we had a pram we could put them in and you aren't allowed trolleys in there either) down without a fuss on a 2 seated table.

(I totally get this has turned into a personal rant now. I do apologise. I must get this off my chest!!)

They were the type of highchair that you have a seperate tray which you can choose if you have it on or off, depending on age of child. I then note about 5 trays stacked up on the window sill, so where the eff are the 5 highchairs to go with them?

As if i wasn't peed off enough.

The food came out pretty quickly, so i can't complain about that. And obviously the toastie we chose for Oliver was riddled with salt and tasted like the blue ocean.

Aaaanyway. My whole fury was over the fact that if this had happened 5 years ago, i GUARENTEE they would have just said "Yeah, just grab one of those sandwiches and we'll say no more". Why, WHY, do we live in a society where there is no give a little, get a little? Its all rules, and health and safety and "no she said this and he said that". Just relax, chill out and just go with it. Who cares if it means you have to put something different into the till and make it up, who cares if the supermarket isn't "joined" to the cafe? Just go and grab a loaf of bread and make a sodding sandwich. Who even cares about the darn sandwich? Its not even about that, its just STUPID morals and ridiculous ways that RUIN my day.

And i'm done. And i'm never eating in that stupid café again.


In other news... I may or may not be building up a few props for a couple of newborn photography shoots I have lined up...

Can't explain my excitement. Eeep!!


  1. What a day I would have been so mad too... And salt really? what the heck is up with that?

  2. oooo i would have been furious!! can't wait to see the photos!


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