I've been bought up to be grateful, to appreciate and to give. All 3 of which i think are super important and think every child should be taught.

As i've grown up, become a mother and matured (sort of) I have come to realise that everyone needs gentle reminders of the above 3 things in life. It takes something serious for us to remember to appreciate and be grateful and it takes some receiving to realise we should give back. I included.

I mentioned about teaching the boys to give to others who are less fortunate than us and its triggered a lot of feelings for H especially. We were walk to school yesterday and our conversation went like this -

H - I would really like a land rover one day Mummy

Me - Me too Harvey, but you need lots of money to buy one

H - When will we have lots of money?
When we bloody well win the lottery my sweet.
Me - Not everyone has lots of money, you don't need to have lots of it to be happy

H - When we get lots of money we can buy our farm AND i want to give lots of money to other people

Me - That's a very lovely thing to do Harvey, that sounds like a great plan!

And yes, my heart melted. What a thoughtful little boy I have made!

We are getting to that time of year too, where being grateful plays a huge part in everyone's lives.

I'm very grateful for the roof we have over our heads now the cooler months are here. The heat in the radiators and the thickness of our duvet.
I'm grateful for the closeness of our family, the way we come together on cold evenings to share each others company and enjoy and appreciate what we have.

And i plan on teaching them that not only is it amazing that Father Christmas brings us lots of lovely toys, we need to be grateful for them and most definitely think ourselves lucky that he visits our part of town....

Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you'll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life, and you'll find that you have more of it.

-Ralph Marston 


  1. Hi Charlotte, my daughter recently made me very proud. After she got her flu shot, she said "thank you" to the nurse. Such a polite little girl!

    I found you at THE EMPOWERED LIVING BLOG HOP. Just followed your blog and would love to have you follow back. When you do, please leave a comment so I'd know you stopped by.


    1. Aw, lovely!! Just love it when they start to show true feelings and emotion. Precious!! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. so needed to read this tonight :) I too believe in being Grateful but sometimes I forget all that I need to say thanks for! And keep on being grateful for.
    And the minds of kids are so pure! Love how they "Believe" in asking for things and then those things happen.
    Our fourth son does it all the time - he had a Iceblock the other day, where you could win another one.
    As he was eating it, he did reveal another free Iceblock!!

    1. Glad i could help! Adorable adorable adorable! Just love it! Thanks for coming by and commenting :)

  3. Following and commenting from http://fluffimama.blogspot.com/ I hope you'll do the same! Be sure to enter my giveaway for for a free Gold Canyon candle :)

  4. So very true!
    Found you over at Clairejustine's bloghop.

  5. How sweet is your little boy. ADORABLE. Yay you for being this thoughtful little boys mommy. Thank you for stopping by the Empowered Living Blog hop, hope to see you back.

  6. My dad use to teach us please and thank you are magic words as I taught my children the same & my children's children. Your little boy is not only too cute, but is very loving and smart. Thanks for sharing such a precious moment.


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