Tuesday 10 - 10 things you would buy..

.. or do if you won the lottery!!

I have quite expensive taste (poor husband.) and if i won the lottery i would definitely go nuts and spend it all in about 2 hours.

1. I would most definitely roll around in about £50k. You know, "AGGGHHHHH I HAVE MONNEEEYYYY" style.
Maybe not quite as glam as this though...
2. Buy a Canon 5D Mark iii - Because i can and i will. One day. And i will have mark ii as my back up. and maybe another mark iii incase they both happen to be in my two different studios i own.

3. Buy a farm. Yep, a farm. I want sheep, and stinky pigs, and cows and a quad bike and a huge john deer tractor and i WILL go out in my dressing gown and wellies with a piece of straw in my mouth and admire my 20 acre plot. (obviously i would pay someone to do all the disgusting stuff.)

4. Buy a VW camper van and travel Scotland, no heck i'd travel the WORLD!

5. Have a whole shoe wardrobe filled with Jimmy Choos.

6. Take the kids to florida every year

7. Sky dive again

8. Go on safari in Africa

9. Make sure i complete my bucket list

10. Make sure my brothers have enough money to have a wonderful life

Go link up your top 10...

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  1. Awesome list!! That bus is groovy!!
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. We had a bus like that when I was a kid, only it was yellow and not cool at all :) How our opinions change as we grew up!

    Great list!

  3. LOL!! I would so be rolling around in that dough too! #truth New follower from Lena's!

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog


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