9 months


Thats 3/4 of a year. 3 months until she is 1.

I always think 9 months is the age when you are really like, "oh my gosh, i don't have a newborn baby anymore." When Harvey reached 9 months i was mega broody, and when Oliver reached 9 months, i was just pregnant with Elsie. It feels SO good to have a 9 month old baby and enjoy her, lap it up and soak in the cheekiness.

9 months ago we looked a bit like this...

Elsie. The swing has been given away, rattles are moving to the back of the cupboard in place of stacking cups and shape sorters. Door bouncers are being replaced with walkers and the moses basket is well and truly a distant memory. Bibs no longer have milk spit ups on and are now covered in bolognaise stains along with half of your beautiful white vests. Nights are no longer broken and days are no longer nappable. (for me..) Days out are that bit easier and the routine is that bit more relaxed. The carrier is just that bit too small now and the car seat is getting a bit squished. Windy smiles have turned into fits of laughter and rocking you to keep you quiet no longer works, instead throwing you up in the air and dancing around like a crazy mumma seems to do the trick. Me cuddling you is more like you cuddling me now and our hearts swell, our love grows and my golly has our family bloomed.

9 months now looks like this...

She's pretty awesome. Better get planning the birthday party....

Thought of the day - So much change this year, but its been the best. :)


  1. Aww this makes me want to cry. Ava was 9 months last Thursday. i can't believe how fast it's all gone. They are becoming their own little people now, it's lovely and sad at the same time.

  2. She is gorgeous. I know just how you feel- my son just turned 10 months- I always thought they would be baby-er longer. So sad, yet they just get more amazing everyday.


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