Magical must haves!

We did our christmas food shop last night. I am not doing ANY cooking this year, so not really sure how our food bill racked up to over £200 (omfg). But i walked around doing the whole "no we do need that." "no i want NICE orange juice." "IT'S CHRISTMAS JOE, LETS GET THESE!!" and "But when i was a kid we ALWAYS had this on christmas morning" etc etc...

So it got me thinking to all the things i MUST HAVE to make our christmas' awesome, and personal.

(i had to do a list.)

1. Orange juice. I knooow you are all thinking 'what the hell? orange juice is a treat?'. When we were growing up there were 6 of us. One carton of juice barely touched our table and it was gone. It was a TREAT to have orange juice and we ALWAYS had it with nice breakfasts, along with

2. Bucks fizz. Breakfast and bucks fizz is a MUST. Its not Christmas without bucks fizz for breakfast. and weirdly my favourite is supermarkets own brand!

3. New pyjamas on Christmas Eve. Now we didn't do this when we were younger, i don't hold this against my parents though. Christmas Eve. 6 kids. Would you really make your evening even more chaotic by throwing in ANOTHER present to open and get everyone hyped up again? I certainly wouldn't. But i love doing it for our 3. Last year we got gruffalo pyjamas for the boys and we have done the same this year and i found PINK ones for E. I literally squealed in Sainsbury's. I even text Joe to tell him the good news.

 Although opening a pair of pyjamas wasn't all that cool last year...

4. Trifle. My Gran makes THE BEST trifle. Nothing tops it, i tried to make it last year when i hosted and it was a total disaster. Never again, i will never beat her trifle. I can't stand christmas pudding / christmas cake / mince pies, so this was always my favourite christmas pudding! Mum, if you're reading this, TRIFLE. I NEED TRIFLE ON BOXING DAY.

5. Figs and prunes. Love them. Loving them on the evening of Christmas day when you are getting over feeling sick from so much food, and want something sweet but not chocolate. Must get them in.

So what are your Christmas must haves? Is there things you really DON'T have that everyone else does?? 

I'm taking a bit of a Christmas break, i will try and post a bit but i'm not putting any pressure on myself, so Merry Christmas my bloggy buddies! Have a MAGICAL few days 


  1. New PJ's and clean fresh bedding on xmas eve here!

  2. Orange juice is a must in my household too...primarily because mommy likes to make big girl drinks with it :)
    Don't you hate when your grocery bill gets that high!


  3. I get everyone in the house jammies for a Christmas present every year. I should let the kids have theirs on Christmas Eve, what a great idea. I'm following you from the Weekend Blog Walk. :)


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