Christmas has well and truly landed

I've been quiet this week. The bug hit us. Hard. Polly came down with it Sunday night, and then Elsie, Joe and I came down with it within half an hour of each other on Tuesday night. Without going into detail, it was the most horrific illness i've ever experienced! Thankfully we are all on the mend now and touch wood, Harvey hasn't had it yet

Anyway, onwards and upwards!!

I wrote about my lack of festive spirit a couple of weeks back. Well... i take it ALL back.


Tree up. Check.

Mr Rudolph on display. Check.

New owl decoration. Check.

Salt dough decs waiting to be done. Christmas cards need to be written. Presents need to be wrapped. BUT. How exciting!! Elsie's first Christmas, we are all super duper stoked.

Last weekend i held my first photoshoot day! It was a LOT of fun and i learnt so so much. Thank you to the 5 families who came along and let me use their children as little models!!

They were nothing how i imagined them to turn out, but i'm really pleased all the same! I put fairy lights up on my backdrop in the hope they would look pretty and christmassy and they looked naff on the laptop so i edited them all out. Way more effort for me but i wouldn't feel comfortable giving somebody photographs i wouldn't be happy with myself.

The kiddies were all fab and every family we did different things so it was HUGE experience for me. Definitely something i want to do again in the future. I over estimated how long it would take with each family so i know for next time now.   

So... What d'ya think?

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  1. that little owl ornament is so cute!!!

  2. I love the pictures around your home and you did a great job of shooting the children. Well done :-)

  3. I love that Owl decoration! Lovely christmas shoot too :)

  4. Hope your family is feeling better - October and November were rough for us with being sick and what not.

    I love this time of year! Your ornaments are so cute!!

    You did an amazing job with the pictures. I love candid shots :)

    Stopping by from BYB Blog Hop!

  5. Great pics, great decor! Enjoy this season!

  6. the owl. love. and the photos so capture kids being kids. love.

    I'm stopping by from An Ephesians 5:33 Wife to say "hi" and to invite you to join for An Aloha Affair, a sweet gathering and growing together of creative souls. You are always welcome. Always.


  7. Yay ~ I am so excited you are festive :)
    I love the reindeer!


    By the way if you lost a GFC follower it was me ~ here's why:

  8. I wish you lived near me, I would love a photoshoot, the picture of Elsie with the santa hat on and the baubles was the cutest thing I've ever seen. Glad to hear you've all on the mend. P.S I'm grabbing yoour button, hope you don't mind.


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