No news is good news.


I don't know many people who don't have it. I'm the first to admit that i'm obsessed. (I can hear my uncle and step dad laughing right now. Obsessed? Understatement.)

Last night I went to a friends house with lots of fellow reception children mummies and we all had a BLAST. Chatting till 1am drinking wine and eating delish food, it was pure bliss. Facebook came up in conversation and 2 or 3 out of the 7 of us didn't have it. Mainly for privacy reasons and its too scary/daunting. It got me thinking as to why i have it and why i love it so much.

I can totally see why people wouldn't have it. The thought of someone getting hold of all my pictures of my children or random people seeing my status updates knowing what we've been up to does freak me out. My privacy settings are top tight so i "assume" no one but friends can see, right?

A lot of family used to ask if i could email pictures and this way i can share them with ALL my family without writing out 20billion emails and texts. Lazy? Hell yes it is. But doesn't everyone do it for that?
Anyway.. I have it and use it so much because i'm PROUD. I'm not smug, i'm proud. I am so proud of my children and my life. Why can't i be proud? Why can't i share how happy i am?

Since when was it a crime to broadcast happiness?

News Flash. 

"On the news today a man was murdered, a girl was in a hit and run and a bank was the victim of an armed robbery."

ERRR HELLO WORLD!! What happened to GOOD news? What happened to happy ever after?

Is there even such a thing?

Yes. Yes there is and i'm pretty sure if we all looked at our lives from birds eye view, the bigger picture would be quite happy. I totally don't want to get into a debate on how happy/sad/hard or easy our lives are. I totally know what its like to be at rock bottom. To know think that NOTHING can be any worse. I'm also a huge believer in things always work out.

My mum always tells me that. Always says that whatever happens, it does always work out and things always get better. And it is so so true.

Last night when i was half a bottle down we got chatting about grief, 3 of us at the table had had horrific accidents in the past that have totally changed our outlook on life. One of us said that instead of looking at it like "Omfg my life is ending." they live for now, they live for "HELL YEA LET'S HAVE SOME FREAKIN' FUN!" because now is what we have, and tomorrow we don't even know. She is awesome, and i totally admire her and who she stands for. A lot of people need to take a leaf out of her book.

Oh hello there little baby. Say hello to our brand NEW little baby niece, isn't she perfect?

Thought of the day - Bring on the happiness!


  1. I can see you in the bauble down on the floor, hehe.
    I also love Facebook, and I think I am just a big show off that likes admiration, and I get a LOT of admiration on Facebook, but I make sure I give plenty out too, because I know how good it feels.
    Also keeps me from feeling lonely when I am on my own the the children all day.
    I have to be careful it doesn't consume me though (the internet in general)

    1. Thats so so true Laura. Totally agree with you there. The internet is a dangerous world...!

  2. For the entire first year and couple months of Reagan's life I was SO anti-Facebook. No pictures of Reagan allowed from family members, PERIOD. I was mean about it too.
    Then, I started my business. It is unbelievable how important it is to a business. So I caved...then realized it wasn't so bad and with the privacy settings I could control who and what was posted.
    Still.. the internet sucks no matter how much we rely on it :)


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      Please come back Friday to see if you were featured :)


  3. I have my facebook super private but here i am in blog world for all to see!!! Makes no sense lol

  4. You are so right! I understand the privacy concerns, and of course we should exercise common sense, but I'm with you...no shame in advertising happiness!

  5. I figure if I blog that Facebook is no different. I mean if you think about it...what is the difference in strangers seeing your kid while you are out shopping. I agree, bring on the happiness!

    Thank you for linking up to Raising Imperfection!

  6. I am a Facebook obsessed too! But that because I use it mainly for blogging purpose. I maintain two accounts, one that is only shared with dears and nears and the other one is for public onsumption ir in this case my blogging world. But yeah I think Facebook is contagious really. Where ever I see someone will take picture and the other will shout "tag me on Facebook okay!"
    Above all I think Facebook is also the reason why the world seems smallsr nowadays. It connects friends, family, all people around the world!

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