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If anyone know's me properly by now, they will know that that number right there... (2013) fills me with dread. Not only does it have the most hated number in, it also LOOKS odd, sounds odd, feels odd when you write it... etc etc.


I will not let it beat me for a whole year! I'm bringing out the big guns! (well... i'm actually just going to try and not think about it and hopefully that will work.)

Lots of lovely things are happening this year, so it may not be MY year, but it's lots of other peoples years so collectively, it shall be boomtastic!!

My little brother is getting married.
We have another brand new niece entering our family.
Elsie will learn to walk.
Oliver will learn to talk.
Harvey will come on leaps and bounds, education-wise.
Feathers will be entering its 3rd year of a successful business.
Hopefully we will have our first proper family holiday, abroad.

See, 2013 is going to be yet another AWESOME year.

I saw on Lena B her 7 things challenge and thought it was a cool twist on the usual resolutions. AND, to beat those number blues, i'm going to do 13, not 7.

In 2013, i want to WILL -

Crochet more
Craft more (and finish those that i started)
Spend more time 'doing' things with the children
Paint my nails weekly
Learn more about photography
Not care so much about what others think of me
Excersise more (note. must invest in a treadmill)  
Make more of an effort with cooking
Bake a cake once a month, at least
Phone people more rather than text
Be more creative with photography
Start taking vitamins
Keep on top of my eczema 

I'm really looking forward to next year, to enjoying my babies and spending some QUALITY time with friends and family. Bring. On. The. Summer.

Happy New Year everyone!! 



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