FIRST OF ALL.... Ahem... Hello 200th post!! Eee! Thank you ALL for reading, and offering advice and wonderful comments, i truly appreciate it.


When Oliver came along i'll be honest, i found it difficult. Splitting my time between 2 of the most important things in my life was HARD. It took me a while to properly bond with him and i know it was down to all the problems we had with breastfeeding. I was heart broken and felt my body had failed me, when previously had been so fine.

Elsie entered our lives and juggling 3 was so much easier. I felt like i knew how to split my time already and i knew that each child needed and still needs their individual time. I worked out in my head when i would do this with Harvey and that with Oliver and when so and so was napping i could do an hours book reading and jigsaw making with the other etc etc.

I feel majorly proud of myself, and Joe, that we don't feel like we don't have enough time for them. I mean, i would LOVE to not have to do the washing and cleaning and have that time with them instead and not do the cooking (because i WOULD have a cook if i won the lottery. Period.) but thats LIFE. We have to do these things or we would be dirty and hungry and nobody likes a dirty hungry family. ;)

Since Harvey started school i think this is where i start to struggle. I really hate the thought of him missing out on things we do, and then the smaller two missing out because i haven't done something because i didn't want Harvey to miss out. Juggling being a mummy at home to two toddlers and being a mummy to a school child and being a wife and a part time PHOTOGRAPHER, is much harder than i ever thought. Much much harder.

I find it emotionally draining. Remembering all the things we need to for school, and making sure that every night we read the right book and write the right things in their reading journal and then OH don't forget the countless events they hold (for which i WILL add is all for amazing causes and fundraising for the school. i am most definitely NOT mocking these, without them we wouldn't have a village school to go to.) that we must remember a costume for or a cardboard box or an easter bonnet or a cushion for film club. Along with Oliver at playgroup who must take a snack and must have spare clothes and wateproof trousers which have to be name and Elsie who must be attached to my hip, always.

And then add on the list of daily chores and the birthday card you forgot to post 4 days ago and photoshoot pictures you must edit from a week ago and the dog needs walking and the garden needs weeding and the hedge needs trimming and the car needs an MOT and OH MY GOODNESS MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE.

Thought i better keep it light... ;)

I guess the art of juggling all of this is organisation. And in the evening when all i want to do is sit down, i actually look at the list i have written through the day and work through that as well. 

Thought of the day : When do you get to sit down? Am i kidding myself thinking i will get everything done and still get a couple hours of peace when they are all asleep?  

ohmydays she is going to be one this week.

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