Potty Training tips

I said a while ago that Oliver decided nappies are NOT for him... Pants like his big brother are the way forward. 2 boys done and dusted and I think i know what i'm doing in the world of potty training. I thought i'd share some hopefully helpful tips and advice thats helped me and the boys along the way. You never know.. it could go totally tits up with Elsie and NOTHING that i've learnt will help.

Here goes... 
  • Make sure you have nothing major planned for the first 7-10 days of starting. 
  • Don't start if YOU are not ready. No one likes a stroppy parent and peeing everywhere toddler.
  • Once you start, DON'T go back!!
  • I think pull ups are too confusing, i would go straight to pants/knickers and buy A LOT and have A LOT on standby.
  • I always started the first 2 days with nothing on at all, made a big thing about the potty and rewarded with stickers/a couple of chocolate buttons etc etc
  • We genuinely didn't go out (apart from the school run) for a good week. I really think this helps with cracking it quickly. 
  • After a couple of days of being nude, put just pants/knickers on. Teach them how to pull them down and back up again as this makes it much easier for the more independent type who don't want any help!!
  • Don't expect them to tell you everytime they need to go, and expect them wanting to use it every 10 minutes to start with! Don't worry... the novelty wears off pretty quickly and you'll be amazed at how quickly they learn bladder control.
  • Stay calm. This is the best advice i can give. If they have an accident, don't tell them off! Going to the toilet shouldn't be made a negative experience. Just say "Ooopsie, next time we do it on the toilet/potty". I always make sure that i put them on the potty after they have had an accident to "finish off". Even if they don't do anything its just a reminder that that is where you do it.
I also think that toilet roll is rubbish. It never does the job. Invest in some flushable wet wipes! And buy A LOT of pants.

Joggers and trousers that can be pulled down easily are a life saver when you're rushing to the potty and they need to go RIGHT NOW. No one wants to bother with a billion buttons and zips when they are desperate to go!!

Good luck!! And i hope these have helped some of you if you are thinking about starting! :)

He is so going to hate me for that when i have it blown up for his 18th.


  1. Such great tips! My 2 year old nephew is almost trained and just discovered underwear with trucks and trains on it so he has a good motivator now!
    Visiting from the Friday Chaos linky

  2. I attempted potty training last month and after siting on the potty for two days with nothing happening in there (only when she stood up and ran somewhere else!) I gave up! STarting again next month so thanks for the tips :-) xxxx http://honeysmummy.blogspot.co.uk


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