Milky baby skin.

So this week i have learnt 2 things already.

1. Oliver is travel sick. Not cool. Really. Not. Cool. Damn you Mr Rawles!!!! If anyone has any amazing remedies then FIRE AWAY! Mummy R and sick are a big NO NO. ESPECIALLY IN MY CAR.

2. 3 month old babies are the hardest age to photograph. But still equally enjoyable!! Yesterday i had a photoshoot for my beautiful niece, who to be fair has been struck down with her first cold. And trying to find positions for a 3 month old is hard!! Who knew they were totally not cool with being plonked on a blanket, or propped up against a pillow?
Anyhoo.. we had a lovely time as always and her little face is just too cute!!

Here are what we came up with..

i love her face in this one. so fed up of me shoving the camera in her face!

I decided to not go bright white with these pictures for the background, i much prefer how fresh they look, not too harsh and very little editing needed. (Pretty much just adjusting the levels slightly!) We got a good 40 odd pictures overall that i would feel happy printing. 

So what do you think? 

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  1. Awh those little pouty cheeks are adorable!!

  2. I love the black and white one :)

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