Busy as a bee

The Easter holidays are practically over, now we've been struck down by the dreaded sickness bug for the second time this year. Dreams of picnics and sunny walks, visions of crafty days in the garden and pavement chalk drawing have all been demolished and we are feeling suitably fed up.

However, the world of Charlotte Rawles Photography has been blossoming. Blooming in fact, and this weekend i was full to brim with fundraisers, 16th birthday parties and newborn photoshoots. I had to cancel on 2 photoshoots due to illness which i HATE doing but the past week has exhausted me to the point of achey joints, headaches and a constant back ache.

Anyway, enough moaning! Lets get to the good stuff!!

The first time I had a display...

My 2nd newborn shoot, just 10 days new this little girl did NOT want to sleep!!

We got her off in the end, managed to capture this dream of a picture!


I've been writing this post for 2 days now. Must finish.

We are on day 4 now, which i had imagined would be day 1 of recovery period. In fact Elsie and Oliver have both been sick again and we are back to square one.

So what do i do? I sob a bit that Joe is back to work and i feel too weak to carry my babies. I sob a bit more that its the holidays and the weather is so hideous. I sob even more that the holidays have been ruined by round 2 of sickness. I kick myself, for not manning up and getting on with it. I dance a bit and feel grateful i don't have the sickness ug too. And i cuddle them, a lot. Because thats all we know to do right now.

The curtains will remained closed and the PJs will stay on. DVDs will be smoking hot through being played too much.

Get well soon my babies.


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