RIDDLED with bad luck

I won't go into details, as the majority of my readers will have had me moan at them for the past 24 hours anyway.

I'm done with bad luck, why is there ALWAYS something in a good thing thats always a bad thing? We book a holiday, and end up paying more for passports than the actual holiday itself. We cook a dinner, and burn something. We go to bed, and wake up feeling unrefreshed. I'm never not grateful, EVER. I adore my family, my life, my JOB. But why do all the little things of bad mount up to feeling sad about it everything.

Need to learn how to let the pros outweigh the cons on everything. I go into things thinking it will always end up with something going wrong. I am most definitely not an optimist.

In reality, the pros always beat the cons. Always. Its just learning to have the right mindset, to go into a job  with your head held high, not wondering what if.

I guess the amount of crap life has thrown at us over the past 6 years makes you negative. Theres only so much negativity a human being can take before its thrown off course for good.

I will not be thrown off for good, maybe i do have a slight optimist in me.

"Its fine, because the sun is out."

Thought of the day - Stay strong Mumma.


Check out my gorgeous nephew and niece. Aren't i a lucky aunty!?

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