A re-cap of May.

I am forever apologising for my lack of efforts on the blog lately. I'm letting it go and have decided that regular posting doesn't make you a 'good blogger'. If i post 2 GOOD posts a week, or even just a month, that doesn't make me a 'bad blogger'. So i'm just gonna keep plodding...

I mentioned on a previous post that I was going to run a series of photography tips on the blog. Currently in the middle of writing them all and should have numero 1 up this week! I'm excited to start sharing it with you!! From an amateur photographer I think I have learnt a lot over the past 6 months and I'd love to be able to help someone else out too!! I still have SO MUCH to learn so if you have written something similar then please link me up and i'd love to read it!

May has been our busiest month so far this year. A holiday, a 5th birthday, half term, my bestest back from Canada for a couple of weeks, 2 fundraisers, numerous photoshoots and my brothers amazing wedding meant my house, heck my LIFE, went all a bit capoodled.

Here is our May in pictures (minus the wedding as I haven't sorted through them yet!)...

 I got all my hair chopped off!!

muddy knees ahoy!

after dinner football fun!


How cute!?

A fabulous month with some amazing people, however i will now be spending June recovering. 
Don't forget to come back for my 1st post of the my trio of photography tips and advice!!

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  1. What a cute cake smash series ... and I love following along with you on Instagram ... even though you aren't blogging as often, I still get to see what's up!
    And I love your hair!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  2. lovely set of pictures :)

    thanks for joining us at welcome to the weekend blog hop :)



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