Top 5 must dos when being photographed!!

The Life of Mummy Rawles is teaming with Charlotte Rawles Photography (convinently they work in the same house and use the same laptop.) to bring you a mini series of handy tips and advice from how to BE photographed to starting up your own business and editing your photos!

I'm super excited to start this and hopefully it can help you out if you're thinking of heading into the photography world! Lets be honest, who isn't!!?

The first part is a help guide on when you are being photographed yourself. I am my own worst enemy and HATE being in front of a camera!

When people book a photoshoot they have in their mind the kind of pictures they would like. They have picked out a photographer specifically because they like their work, the way they deliver and the style of photography that is being portrayed. But they (I) don't really consider anything else...

So here goes my top 5 must do's when you are being photographed.

1. You have an image in your mind of what you like? Tell your photographer! Heck, bring it with you! Save anything on your phone you like and don't be afraid to show it. Photographers love it when you come up with ideas too, it means the photoshoot is individual to you and lets phase it, its all about YOU anyway! You don't want to look back on your pictures and think 'Oh i wish i had suggested that pose i saw on pinterest last week'..

2. TEETH!! There is literally nothing worse than a fake smile. Closed lips and screwed up eyes are not a pretty look. When you laugh, we see teeth. Smile with teeth, smile like you MEAN it!

3. Colour co ordinate. If you are being photographed as a couple, a family or parent and child then make sure your colours match. Team purples and greys, pastel blues and greens or oranges and browns. Not multi coloured!! Think about where you will be and who you are with, if you are outside on an autumn day then think about the surroundings. If you are being photographed in a studio with a white backdrop, don't wear white! You want to stand out, not blend in.

4. Distraction. So you hair isn't sitting the way it normally is and you have a little itch on your left big toe and your dress is blowing in the breeze, leave it. Don't get distracted by all the little things that actually when you see a photo of afterwards you won't even notice. Obviously a photographer wants you to feel comfortable and not look like you aren't enjoying yourself but if you hear the clicking of the camera, stay put guys! Its so easy to get distracted by all those things, but try and relax.

5. Relax relax relax. I know i mentioned this in number 4 but i feel like it needs its own bullet point! If you feel uncomfortable in the way you are standing or sitting then do tell the photographer. Most photographers will be able to see you aren't comfortable but if they don't mention it then do speak up! If you have a 'good side' then tell them at the beginning. You want a photoshoot to be an enjoyable experience so relax, let go and most of all have fun!!

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  1. Great tips! Shared on my FB page, hope you don't mind! :)


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