End of an era

I had planned to post this a week ago, i've had no laptop for nearly 2 weeks and wanted to add pictures. So here it is a week late!!

It seems not that long ago I was being pulled down the hill by the weight of a double pushchair, with a little dark haired boy I called my baby, hanging off the handlebars. Skipping down the hill, a little bit wary but a lot excited. Me, making a mental note that as i walk down this hill i'll be doing this for another 10 years. Seeing the same flowers blossom every spring, watching the same view change through the seasons from the ever chilly playground. Making mental note that I will need my asthma pumps half way back up the hill without the hyper 4 year old in tow but still pushing the weight of my 2 smallest in a stupidly heavy but needed pram.

For the teddy bears picnic we attended back in July 2012, the reception children knew their way around the school like it was their home. They had friends, real proper friendships with each other and even prepared an afternoon picnic for all the 4 year olds ready to start that September. I wept at the thought my baby would never be that confident, he would never remember to put his book bag in the right box and hang his coat up on the right peg. How would he ever remember to take the things OUT of his book bag and put them in the right tray?

As i walk down the hill now, i have a dark haired boy running in front, a blue eyed 3 year old hanging off the handle bars with my little toddler staring up at me from my single pushchair. We race down as each household opens its doors on the way down with another school child running out, the same faces we greet in the morning and its almost like the opening credits to Strictly come dancing when another performer pops out from the side, and another one and another as we all bundle into the school gates and share our same stories of what a morning we have had, because most days are 'one of those days'.

The mums I once made light conversation with are more my friends, their children are my sons friends and its one huge community of friendships and fun. Stories and banter.

10 months have gone by, my little boy has learnt to read and write. Add up and subtract. Confidence is at its peek and his social skills have gone through the roof. Yes, we lost a few shoes on the way and the odd piece of PE kit has gone astray, but we did it. We bloody did it. HE has done it. 

Christmas plays, harvest performances, school trips and swimming lessons. Sports day and summer fetes, end of year play and end of year treats.We need this break. We need to reform our love of PJ days with the curtains kept closed all day. We need to laugh a bit harder, cry a bit less and enjoy a lot more.

Summer holidays, i'm so ready for you! Bring on Year 1.

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  1. I can't wait for Charlie to start school and do all of those 'school things' I am SO going to be on the PTA ;)


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