Camping woes.

Literally the only reason I am writing this is so I put off preparing a bit longer.

I'm a list writer, an organiser, a controller, a bossy nag. Where are my lists? No where. Am I organised? Not in the slightest. Granted i'm still a bossy nagging control freak but this is a normal every day occurance. It seems we are joining the family in a weekend camping trip tomorrow. Oh, crap.

We didn't go camping LOADS growing up, but went enough for me to know I definitely want to bring my children up with a yearly camping trip. Nothing better than waking up in the fresh dewy air, tea brewing in a thermal flask and soggy trouser ends. Everyone meeting at the communal tent for a fry up and telling tales of the horrendous nights sleep they had, apart from Mum and John who always seem to sleep amazingly in their kingsized air bed and cozy duvet.

Note to self - Sleeping bags are for the hard hearted. Take duvet and pillows.

Last summer Elsie was 4 months old and slept through for the first time ever on our camping trip. We joked about putting her in the garden when we got home to sleep through the night and gradually move her nearer the back door. The Rawles' sleep training guide, you heard it here first. I fear this time around my darling 16 month old will not flake out until 11pm after no naps through the day after running and running and running all day long with her cousins and brothers. 

I'm slowly regretting this. Must not forget marshmallows.
Note to self - Buy ear plugs.

The usual speech my step dad prepared before every time we went ANYWHERE will no doubt be repeated in the car. 'DO NOT misbehave. DO NOT ask for a drink. DO NOT eat anything you are offered. DO NOT speak, breathe, pump blood around your body or even blink. RIGHT?'

I will most spend the day repeating 'This will be worth it, This will be worth it' and hoping my lists get written themselves. Or by some miracle my car will be packed in the morning.

We're gonna have an absolute BLAST!! Best get packing.

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