Still plodding

I like change, i like mixing things up and doing different. Its funny how my routine with the children never changes, perhaps thats why i like to change the way i do things in other aspects of my life.

I want a new car. I want a new house. I want different carpet. I want a new lens. Its not because i'm spoilt, its because i don't like boring. I don't like same. I want different and I want spontaneous.

None of the above has been happening recently. I'm getting fidgety.

Things we have been enjoying this week...

Brand new cousins!

Swimming joy!

More cousin shenanigens!

Smart haircuts

 After dinner water fights

Yeah... That's a wet cloth mid air.

I think a holiday needs to be planned, or a car needs to be bought. This fidgeting can't go on much longer. Maybe i'll buy some tea towels.

Till then...

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