6 month old baby niece

I had the absolute JOY of photographing my little niece again at the beginning of last week. I wanted to try some fresh ideas I had in mind that weren't so.... I don't really know the word... 'much'!

We went for simplicity and fresh light, she is at the perfect age to roll about and giggle and smile and i'm really pleased with the results.

Hope you like them too!!

We are heading out doors to do her 9 month photo shoot as it should be autumn leaves and still warm! (hopefully!) You can see the maternity pictures here and here and Emily's newborn here, and 3 months here. My style is changing, I am getting quicker at editing and i'm really really loving it!!

Thought of the day - Loving. It.


  1. You are getting better and better. I like the softness of these and the one I like the most is the one in the basket. The light is just right and the composition is spot on. Well done!

  2. Beautiful shots! And beautiful baby!!!


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