Ding dong the bells are gonna chime...

I have written this post about 30 times and keep coming back to it meaning to finish it. Today I will publish!!

At the end of July I had the upmost privilidge of photographing two BEAUTIFUL weddings. Two very different weddings, but both equally as perfect. The 1st bride and groom haven't seen all of their pictures yet so I can't put them all up on here so I will start with the 2nd wedding I photographed.

On arrival at Rachael's house it was all super calm and relaxing. I felt like I had walked into a house of a few girls getting ready for a normal day, not their best friend's wedding!! It was so lovely to watch everyone so happy and content, with Dad pouring out the fiz into tumbler glasses and boys painting the girls toe nails the whole morning was just how a morning before your wedding should be!

Lots of laughs, lots of fun and lots of love to be shared, Rachael and Shane's wedding day was more than perfect. Not many services make me think about my own marriage and how lucky we all are, not many speeches make me blub my eyes out when I don't really know the family behind the stories, not many weddings make me come away thinking I was more of a guest than a piece of the background! So, Thank you Mr and Mrs Hulks for letting me enjoy your day with you and trusting me to take your photographs!!


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