'You've got your hands full!'

Warning - This may turn into a minor rant!

I would be stinking rich if I had even 1p for everytime somebody said that to me. I walk into Sainsburys, Elsie waving Hiiyaaa to every person we walk past. She catches someones eye. They stop. They look. 'Wow, you've got your hands full with all of these!'. We walk into a lift in a car park. An elderly couple make light conversation with the boys. Notice I have 3, and i perhaps look about 12. 'These all can't be yours you're far too young!'. Yes, i bred them young. Thats what i do.

But in all seriousness, what DOES give people the right to pass judgement? Why is it such a huge thing to have 3 children? Its our life and our choice and dare i tell them i was one of 6. Maybe i'll joke and say 'Yep and we are planning the next 3 for the next 3 years too' just as i'm walking away. Let them ponder on that little bombshell. 

3 has suddenly become 1 twice a week. Just me and her for lunch. Just me over nap time. This is what it felt like to have 1 child and I don't like it. Its boring, its dull and its quiet. My own company isn't all exciting and the sound of me typing away is the only noise I can hear. What will i do when i have this all day? 

Maybe i'll have to do this full time.... 

Oh what a shame that would be!!

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