The school shoes are out, the morning tone of voice has knocked up a notch from 'Lets go and get dressed' at 9am to 'UPSTAIRS NOOOOWWWWWWWWW' at 8am. The reading books will be making their dreaded debut this evening and the place seems a little more quiet. 

O is back to pre school next week, 2 full days. 9am - 3pm just me and my girl is going to be WEIRD. I'm excited for play dates and toddler groups. And maybe im going to be jinxing the afternoon nap but 2 whole hours of ME time. Which will most probably be spent on Pinterest looking up christmas crafts.

So whilst the big boy is schooling, we're still enjoying. 

Our last day of summer hols....

The start of Year 1

This time last year I was some what of a mess. And i've just read that post again and burst into tears. Wow, my boy, how far we have come!

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