Junior Hunter welly review

Purely for my own benefit I thought i'd share with you our review on kids Hunter wellies!

I love wellies, like really love wellies. I have had a few pairs of supermarket wellies that don't fit properly, cost about £15 and fall apart within a few weeks/months. So I invested in a pair of adult sized Hunters last winter. Best investment ever. Worth every single penny.

Every Winter the kids go through a couple of pairs of wellies. We live in them here, constantly in the woods and out for walks in the rain a welly is a must have statement piece in all of our wardrobes!! So to get the kiddies ones that don't fall apart and fit well is a must.

Helloooo children's Hunters.

Not only are the soles super soft and not clompy at all, the boot part is soft so as she walks they weren't digging in, they were just squashing with her bending ankle. Perfect.

At £25 it is obviously at the higher end of the scale of price for wellies but for the quality and fit it is SO worth it. I really don't feel like they are doing her feet any harm whilst wearing them unlike supermarket clompy hard wellies. 

The red isn't TOO red, its a beauitful subtle deep red which is perfect for us. I literally can't rate them highly enough and not only do they feel beautiful, they look absolutely adorable on our little munchkin.

10 out of 10 for Hunter wellies. Now to get our matching wellies picture...

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