We're lapping our last few days of us. Of the 4 of us on the weekdays. The 5 of us on Sundays and Mondays. Soaking up those mini lay ins and late morning breakfasts. Those un routined days where we stay in our comfy clothes and get filthy in the garden. Those long dog walks where Daddy makes sure everyone gets dirty.

Toys are scattered on a continuous circle. The ironing pile has become a mountain. I don't want it to end. I don't want normality or routined days where they seem to go by in a flash. I don't want rushed mornings and tantrums about putting socks on. I want another 6 weeks please, another 6 weeks to make more play dough poo and bike riding around the garden. More cuddles on the sofa and DVDs under the cover. I want more time. To enjoy and love and laugh and smile.

So we're making the most of our time and last few days...

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