A birth story...

From a photographers point of view.
From a sisters point of view.

Its an unusual one for me, I'll be honest. I didn't really know how I would feel.
I certainly didn't think I would feel as nervous as I did.
I didn't think I would feel as emotional as I did.
Or even dream I would feel as much love as I felt.

I felt honoured, privileged, ecstatic.
I was buzzing for weeks, on a complete high and my face resembled that of a chesire cat.

The build up was getting more intense.
I was on edge 98% of the time, stomach in knots everytime my phone went off.
 A few strong braxton hicks and a few moments of 'oh my goodness it could actually be soon' 
...and I got the call.

I will literally never forget the stomach flipping moment when I saw her name flash up on the screen at 7am.

False alarm they told them, definitely not your waters breaking they said.
We all knew it was the start of it. More exciting things to come. I knew in my heart it would be so soon.
I still couldn't picture it though. I couldn't imagine how I would feel or how we would all react.
I couldn't picture someone I cared for so dearly, in so much pain.

Two days later we marched around town, mild contractions coming every 15 minutes or so.
I knew she was putting on a brave front, I knew she secretly knew it was it.

We head to hospital on the evening of the 7th November. 
It was definitely one of the first cold cold nights.
We paced, we laughed, we joked, we all had frequent trips to the toilet.
We all wept. 
We all had full hearts, enough to love an entire universe, 
more than enough to love this baby girl who was about to grace our lives.
We were all oh so ready.

She did amazingly. So so brilliantly that I want to sob everytime i think about it.
An air punching 'yee-haa'!
She freakin' OWNED it.
Labour and birth? Pffftt, you aint got nothing on Mumma L.


  1. Amazing photos - so beautiful!

  2. Amazing Charlotte, what a breathtaking experience! I think you captured it So well, I really wish I had a birth photographer, it seems like something that you might cringe about before but want so badly afterwards.
    Is this the conquest? I haven't been in the maternity unit but it looks rather lovely, especially the pool! x

    1. Thank you, thats lovely of you to say :) It was Pembury, T Wells. Very very lovely maternity unit, would highly recommend over the Conquest!


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