How do strangers see you?

I had a photoshoot right near main town this week and afterwards I popped in to grab a few bits with a little bit of window shopping along the way. I was walking around and smiling at mums struggling with their tantruming toddler, or smiling at the toddlers demanding to look at the Christmas tree. Laughing to myself at the child who is running the complete opposite direction to his Dad who is actually eyeing up the new surround sound system in the window of Bose.

They don't actually know I have children. They think I don't know how they feel.
They also don't know I know that it took them 20 minutes just to get out the door because Simon needed a wee as soon as he was strapped into his car seat and Rosie left her dolly upstairs tucked under the washbin and she had to have it RIGHT NOOOWW.

Because I was alone, because I don't actually think I look like a Mum. They think I don't understand.

I want to wear a sign on my forehead that says 'I have 3 children and this never happens. I never come out alone and I really want you to know that I UNDERSTAND'.

When I look at the childrens clothes and the Mummy next to me thinks i'm buying them for a niece or nephew, and not my 3 children I have at home hanging off Daddy's legs.

I actually quite like it though... I quite like secretly knowing how they feel, and knowing i'm not going through it right at that second. I love rushing through the mall without breaking peoples legs with the pushchair and dragging Oliver along behind me shouting his legs are tired and he's thirsty and he needs a wee all at the same time.

I like the idea of being this young free woman in disguise, knowing my brood are at home waiting for me, knowing the house is full of chaos! Just for 10 minutes... I'm a ninja incognito.


My fave instagrams this week!

I'm really going to try and get back into the swing of things here. I'll mix it up with a bit of my photography sessions and a bit of home life too... I will make time for this, I will I will!!

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