2014 - Its got our name written all over it.

Last year I wrote THIS down.

The things challenge.

I'll be honest, I kinda forgot about it until I just went back to find out what I wrote.
Although most of them I kept to. Minus the excerise one. And the baking one.
...and the crochet one.

A few things about 2014 I want to keep up and maintain.
Making more time to photograph our own life.
I want to make more time for friends.
I want to have more days out with the 5 of us together.
I want to feel okay about Oliver starting school in September.
And I want to make the most of our time together before he starts.
I want to challenge myself more with photography.
I want to think more outside the box instead of playing safe.

2014 is the year for chilling out and enjoying,
enjoying what we have instead of wondering what may be in 6 months.

I'm already excited...

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