Entering into a new world

So we haven't really been here before.
We haven't experienced life as a family with no nappies, or no bottles of milk in the morning.
No change bag.
Soon will be no pushchair. Jeez, and then i'll have to carry my own things.

We entered this side of our life quicker than we thought.
Our little girl has officially left babyhood.
I'm on the cusp of shouting 'WAAAHOOOOOO!!' but being slightly held back by a little piece of my heart that has slowly and quietly broken.
Only a microscopic part of it has broken, but its still there. Shattered into even tinier pieces.

The pros TOTALLY outway my cons. Completely and utterly.
We are LOVING not having to take out a load of nappies every time we step out the house.
No washing of cloth nappies.
No bottles filling up my cupboards.
No change table in her room.
Tiny knickers filling a basket, frilly trimmed vests with tiny bows on the front.

All of the above makes my heart sing a very a happy tune.

It just. Feels. Odd.
Ever since we dived into parent hood, we have always had a child in nappies, always had a child under 2, always had one of them depend on us for 95% of their awake time.
So this is like jumping out of a plane 10,000 ft up in the air without a harness.
Okay, not quite, but you get my drift.

I'm going to embrace, not dwell.
I'm going to marvel in the lack of 'stuff' we leave the house with.
We're gonna welcome it with open arms, maybe even throw in a bear hug for good measure.

Bring it oooon!


A little insight into my working side of life recently...

This little man was a complete and utter darling, the kind that makes you gooey inside!

Sophie was a determined little sweetheart, we managed to get her to sleep on this fluffy rug for a good 10 minutes, result!!

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