Living Arrows

I'm a bit in love with this link up. Go check out iheartsnapping and give them some love!
I love looking at other photography blogs, especially when its mainly aimed at their children!
If you love taking pictures of your little sproglets, then be sure to link up!

Here are my entries for this week - 

(Not actually sure you're meant to share more than 1 but hey... pick your favourite!)

Most of these pictures were taken inbetween mammoth tantrums. The kinda tantrums that make me on the brink of banging my head against a brick wall.
They are fierce, they are almighty, they are incredible.
I genuinely don't know how to handle them. My 3.5year old is making me turn into one of those mums. The ones that shout accross the playground, the ones you almost pity.
The child that you are glad you don't have to look after because they are clearly highly strung.
I have a phrase on loop in my head and the majority of the time i say it out loud...

'Its just a phase.. My child doesn't hate me. Its definitely just a phase'

All will be fine. It will be.
Its just another one of those parent lessons we will never actually know the answer to.

living arrows

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  1. I love these so much - deffo my favourite entry this week x


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