MonkeyFoot wetbag review

I haven't done a review in a while and when my new MF wetbag arrived i jumped at the chance. Purely because i looooove them!!

I use cloth nappies for E and have been through a few wet bags and nappy buckets etc with little love for them and there is always things i just do not like about them.

Nappy buckets - They don't hold the smell in. Fact. I have tried all the tricks - Leave the lid half off, stick some teatree oil in it when it is half full, stick a sanitary towel on the lid with essential oil on it (and yes this did weird me out slightly) etc etc
They also get in the way, look really ugly and the kids mistake it for a rubbish bin. Picking out crisp packets and socks from dirty nappies is really NOT fun!!

Then i came accross these bad boys...

Monkey Foot Designs, hand made by a WAHM from the USA. She also makes childrens and adults belts, purses, sewing supplies, bibs and burp cloths. She sells a lot of stuff on etsy but i get my bits through babybots.co.uk

I decided i needed an extra wet bag for when our other one (yes, MF too!) is in the wash. I picked this deisgn on a wim as it wasn't toooo girly (i tend to go a bit OTT when it comes to pretty things) but I thought it was still cute. When it arrived i actually gasped and squealed because it is just SO sweet. With very cute deer and birds it was right up my street!

They have so many different prints its actually hard to pick which one you want, so it would be a shame to just have one...!!

I like the extra large ones and at £19.39 i think its an absolute steal. They go in the wash at 40 C and tumble dry too. You can even IRON the outside bit!! They fit a good 3 days worth of nappies in and HOLD THE SMELL IN!! They are made so well and the seams are stitch perfect, with a zip to close and a handle to hang on the door/coat hook you really can't go wrong!

To sum up - Everyone needs a MF wet bag. Even for swim gear or PE kit, you MUST have one or two in your lives!!

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  1. I wash mine on 60 deg C which works fine too, however the outside cotton fabric will shrink over time and become smaller than the inner lining (which doesn't shrink). For my latest purchase, though, I asked Kris (the owner/maker) if she could make the outer cotton larger to avoid this problem and she was more than happy to accomodate my wishes. Excellent customer service!! :-)


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