Welly Walk

I was privilidged enough to be able to help out on H's first school trip today. Bodiam Castle which is run by National Trust (and we have been there maaany times!!) but we were to walk there from the school.

My cousin had the two smalls for us which was a HUGE help and she came over bright and early this morning so me and H could leave on time! Quite a few other mums were helping too and it worked out we had a 1:2 ratio of adult to child - perfect!

We were given our children for the day and sheets of directions to the castle, wellies on toots and off we go.

How lucky are we to live here? I really had time to reflect today (and i'm pretty sure another Mummy did too...!) on how LUCKY we really are. The children were climbing through the woods, running through green fields, talking to the cows (and declaring how stinky they actually are!) and waving to the steam train tooting as it went by. Not many schools can walk 3 miles through fields and over a river and end up in a beautiful castle.

They all did soo well walking all that way and yes i nearly strangled half of them with the "are we nearly there yet?"'s and "How many more minutes?" but hey, we had a blast.

In the castle we were given work sheets to go through, we paired off and went exploring on the hunt for triangle marks and gunloops! It also made me think i could totally do this as a job. I know its not all about spreadsheets and castles but i loved explaining what we had to find, what was happening next and so on. It was great to spend time with Harvey too after a week of school and a weekend of not seeing him (booo!). But overall - a huge success and it was a PLEASURE to be involved!

Next stop - PTFA.

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